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Why Choose Revive Baptist Church?

Welcome Home.

At Revive Baptist, you won’t feel like a number, you’ll feel like family.
  • Revive Baptist Church is a young church family with a young pastor and pastor’s wife, and we offer Christ-centered activities for all age groups.

  • We express our joy in Christ and gratitude for God’s love through contemporary Christian music as well as traditional hymns. 

  • Here you can experience church as a living body where you join with others in ministering to the community and expressing gratitude for God’s love.

Join with us in Worship.

Come to hear the preaching of the Word. Stay to honor Christ and His Word, our source of strength. Together in fellowship we grow in our love for God and for each other. We join together to allow God to glorify Himself through us as we serve in His name.

Get involved.

At Revive Baptist, we encourage our young people to take leadership roles. Here, inexperience is not a handicap. We are all learning and growing together as we practice our faith and support each other on this journey.


Each of us has been blessed with gifts and talents to share with our church family. We don’t expect perfection. This is a place where we are all striving for excellence in how we grow and how we serve in Christ’s name. Together we live our faith as a journey we share with our brothers and sisters in Christ.